Upsilon Chapter Alumni Association

Membership in Sigma Lambda Beta transcends our college years.  For us, our commitment to Sigma Lambda Beta is for life and that is evident in the love and support our alumni pour into this organization.  Be it leading our association through elected positions, serving on committees or advising our undergraduate chapter; our alumni are always there to show their support.

July 1 – June 30 FY

Edwin DeJesus – “Omel”
Jesse Bernal – “Soli”
Jorge Ontiveros – “Pingui”
Pedro Garcia – “Ven”
Roberto Ceballos – “Aro”
Jose Magallanes – “Abio”

Oscar Muñoz – “Riel”
Luis Roman – “Dido”
Fernando Montemayor – “Tierra”
Juan Guajardo – “Nido”
Luis Hernandez – “Dete”
Roberto Jimenez – “Eri”
Abad Castellanos – “Metal”
Fernando Castañeda – “Felante”
Richard DeJesus – “Cali”
Edward Garcia – “Galan”
Bruce Kimbrell – “Lilo”


Member Benefits:

  • Paraphernalia discounts
  • El Hermano Newsletter (two issues a year)
  • Member-only discounts (Cubs, Bulls, White Sox, Railcats, Salsa Night, etc..)
  • Support financially the Upsilon Chapter in accordance with the constitution

Association Committees (Lead)

  • El Hermano (Jorge “Pingui” Ontiveros)
  • State Retreat (Jose “Abio” Magallanes)
  • Undergraduate Guidance (Pedro “Ven” Garcia)
  • Indiana Summit (Roberto “Aro” Ceballos)
  • Upsilon Leadership Engagement and Development-U.L.E.A.D. (Jesse “Soli” Bernal)

Membership Dues

  • 2020-21 Annual Membership dues are $150. Pay dues here.
    (Fiscal year July 1 – June 30)

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